Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Understand BizTalk – Performance Counters – Bottleneck Analysis (Counter: - Low % CPU Idle on BizTalk Server)

Counter: Low % CPU Idle (On BizTalk Server)

Area of Analysis:

- Too many hosts running on the server.
- Improper use of custom pipelines.
- Custom components requiring optimization.

Possible Solutions:
- Isolate receive, process, and send functionality into different hosts and run host instances on different servers within the BizTalk Server Group.
- Move message transformation out of orchestrations to your ports to avoid the creation of new copies.
- Move message filters to your ports and receive locations.
- Optimize your schema. Large schema reduce performance.
- Use distinguished fields in orchestrations rather than properties or XPath.
- Use pass-through pipelines whenever possible.

I will surely come back again on more performance & bottleneck analysis.