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Experience on SSIS and SAP, inspired after viewing some presentation

Experience on SSIS and SAP, inspired after viewing some presentation.

I inspired for the article from one article posted on MSDN blog about SAP and SSIS. It's really cool stuff from Matt Masson in PowerPoint presentation.

Please have a look into the below presentation by Matt Masson. it's really great to know about SAP and SSIS!

BizTalk Adapter Pack (SAP) installation

BizTalk Adapter Pack (SAP) SSIS integration

BizTalk Adapter Pack (SAP) SSIS integration (Advanced)

Below I am just sharing my experience with SSIS and SAP BW/APO.

I have worked in one of project doing integration between SAP BW/APO modules to other ERPs (like JDE, PeopleSoft etc). For that we used to workout everything by building IDocs inside a SSIS Script Component. It's very time consuming but right now I don't think rather then BizTalk there is any simple option available to build and submit IDocs. I Used to build all require segments like Control, Header and Data inside script task and then composing message through Flat File Connection Manager to build IDoc.

As of my best knowledge currently no tool available in market which can give full functionality to play around IDocs inside SSIS (may be I am wrong, you need to search extensive what such features you are looking for and what are available). But the best option I have implemented almost one year ago in my first SSIS implementation was creating IDocs programmatically inside SSIS. Obviously, I need to implement my logic inside script activity and flat flie connection manager, it make system bit slow but still configurable and acceptable. It is time consuming for initial period to build logic but I think once we build it, it's best option to stick on your requirement with few changes in your code to build new structured IDoc.

Really hoping from Microsoft to have SAP Connection Manager if anything near to automation/parser and connection manager it will be adding great value to product and will be great help for such people don't want to connect to SAP DB directly and want to push data by safer IDoc option.

At end really want to appreciate the efforts from Matt for such presentation.

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