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Consuming WCF Services in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 - Add generated items (WCF Services)

I was thinking a long back to come up with this article, and now just found time to write about WCF services and it's implementation with BizTalk Server 2006 R2. I have designed few small solutions in past few months to deal with scenarios like Information Integration and SOA with BizTalk Server R2, where I found the great chance to work upon the WCF adapter series as well as Web Service Factory : Modeling Edition. Both made me big fan of them, it's great to work on both, I am not focusing on WebService Factory modeling in this article but will discuss about WCF services consumption inside BizTalk and few videos might help people to work on them.

I would like to share few images below, by reading this images you can understand the service I have coded for sample, if you are interested in sample code please mail me, and I promise you will find that sample someday in you mail box... when that I don't know. :-) But will try send you soon as possible for me.

The best way I feel to consume WCF services inside BizTalk solution is by using WCF Services Consume Wizard which you can find in Visual Studio Template, this wizard will power you by generating schema and port binding configuration files for your solution based on service descriptions. Not going into deep how this work internally here but focusing on the practice I gone through.

Below image shows Generated Items and Visual Studio Template.

Please have a look to the below Video Presentation where you can find what steps I followed to generate my sample project. Hope it will surely help you in any manner while working with WCF and BizTalk together.

As result of Wizard you will get schema and binding files inside your solution, that schema will be generated on basis of the metadata of the consumed services and it could be used as multipart messages in case of request-response services. Below snaps will show you the BizTalk schema presentation against the .net message contracts and data contracts.

DataContract Source Code:

MessageContract Source Code:

Service Implementation Code:

BizTalk Schema:

BizTalk Test Message I used for my sample:

You can analyze your self the presentation of Inbound message and the Contract representation inside WCF Implementation upon the above snaps. You can consume the generated schema in routine BizTalk solutions and patterns, while deploying such solution you can use generated binding information for such implementation with Endpoint transportation and Behavior information regarding WCF hosting and services. It is very good feature provided by wizard which make our life very easy :-). Let's have a view to below video presentation on the WCF Http and Custom Adapter configuration inside through BizTalk administrator console.

Hope you liked this article and it will give you fair idea about the BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and WCF coupling in Solution, as a system/solution designer point of view I really enjoyed to work with this two made for each other technologies and it provide such ease to workout most complex scenarios regarding service orientation and integration. As well as I realize the solution's capability to work over Internet Integration where security is the major concern and we generally prefers to go with ws-HTTP or HTTP channels for integration, on such scale it can help us to give such secured integration system.

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