Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Web Service Software Factory - Walk through Video (WCF Implementation)

Recently, I got very good opportunity to work on WCF Services through WebService Software Factory, it's a really nice tool, I have seen so far to build complex WCF services in very easy manner, no really I means. Yes, there are some limitation of the tool and it's not supporting all features of WCF implementation but you can say.. it's very nice kick off point for your project and code, later you can defiantly customize your code by modifying the auto-generated code itself.

While working on factory, I grabbed opportunity to record my activities through one screen recording software and I would like to share that video among IT Professional community. Please have a look and share you view on such beautiful tool.

Service Modeling & Message Modeling walk through:

Code Generation walk through:

You can also find some more videos on below link.

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